Monday, 18 May 2009

More Stitched ATCs :)

Well, they're easy to do, quick to finish and given away. What could be better? :)
first three are for a fantasy theme

Then 2 for a Scotland and Wales theme

For a monthly comp. The original plan was to theme each swap and I got this done early so I went with the theme for May which was flowers. Since then it's been decided that they monthly comp won't be themed so I reckon mine may well be the only flower from this comp LOL

The same design but finished differently gives 2 lovely finishes :) I'm currently doing the same design but plan on finishing it in yet a different way!

I've also created a few cards, just basic ones this month.

This month's ATC is 'Man's Best Friend

Thanks for looking, don't forget to leave a comment so I can visit your blog :)


Kate said...

Love your ATC's. Just joined the ATC Birthday Site. I made my first ATC for the month of June. Am looking forward to seeing others as the months progress. Will wait until August for the next one as my birthday is July. Can't wait to see what I receive.

Janet C said...

Your ATCs are so lovely! Like Kate, I'm also one of the ATC Birthday exchangers! It's my first exchange of this kind and looking forward to see what I receive!

CindyMae said...

I love to see your crafts!!! You are so talented. All of these ATC's are just perfect! I love them all!! I am so excited that I will be able to receive another one of yours for my next birthday!

Heather said...

I keep forgetting to mention...LouLa LOVED her birthday card! She really thought it was beautiful. Since she believes she is a princess, it was perfect for her.

Marita said...

Looks like you have been busy making cards, they all look great!
Have a good day!