Monday, 25 June 2007

I've been off Time Travelling....

..well, no not really. Work is taking more of my time than I want at the moment. Only 3 weeks until I get a holiday! It's been reports, tests, trips, parent's evenings. Not got much stitching done on Gossamer Princess and if I'm honest I've put her away for a bit and started a Forever Friends bear, except I think I've miscounted and am a row out *grrr* so I need to double check that, which I'm going to do in a mo.

Dr Who has been absolutely fantastic these past few weeks. Saturday's ep was the best yet. I wish I was younger so I could go crazy for the merchandise without feeling silly. But I've bought a TARDIS lunch box

and a Cyberman drinks bottle!

I feel like a big kid!! I could sit and watch DR Who forever at the moment and have embarrassingly watched Sound of the Drums about 6 times including Saturday night *blush* There's something about Captain Jack and the Dr in the same ep!!!

Friday, 1 June 2007

We've been working in the garden today

We're doing 'Open Gardens' on 30 June and I want the garden all sorted in time for it. So we've been potting and planting all morning :)


He was bloody brilliant! We were on the floor not far back from the stage. A fab night! He sang recent and older stuff. His support (Marion Raven) was great too. Have a look here for a review of the show we saw

Got a lil bit done on Gossamer Princess

I've mainly been card making though :( I can't do two things at once LOL

Been getting the cooking bug again!

I made a lovely veg soup last weekend. It was liked so much that people had 2 bowlfuls! Just the usual potato, carrot, celery, onion, peas, brocolli, sweetcorn and tinned toms. It was delish though.

And some fresh strawberry muffins! I need to make these again, they are lovely. Maybe make some banana muffins instead?

Been a busy, busy week!

Have been card making mainly. These are teabag folding, decoupage and stickers and foil.