Sunday, 26 April 2009

A card for a boss....

who's leaving is always hard to make. Especially when it isn't the boss's choice :( What do you include? It needs to be big enough for the whole workforce to sign. Is it a formal or informal design? It was for my husband's boss and I didn't really know her.... so my hubs and I sat in my craft room and did some thinking. We looked at papers, embellishments and pictures he had printed out. Then my hubs left me to it, returning at periodic times to make sure it was in line with his vision (OK, he was just being nosey!) but we were really pleased with the finished product. It includes his boss's likes and hobbies and ties in nicely with the gifts she had been bought (Radley purse, beer, chocolate and ski stuff!)

I've been stitching ATCs mostly...

I've just found a niche :) I get to stitch, I get to paper craft and I get a relatively quick finish :) What could be better?! It's a challenge finding charts which a) are small enough b) match the paper crafting embellishments I have and c) are 'artistic' enough for me. I use hand dyed threads to add an element of artistic spirit to my work as well as hand dyed fabric whenever possible :)

If you are interested in giving these a go there's a new ATC Birthday Exchange Blog starting Click here so wander along, have a look and sign up :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Some Stitched ATCs - well the ones I can show :)

These were for an Easter exchange.

I'm into my stitching at the moment. I've just started 'Feed Me!!' by Born to Shop. I love stitching the little ATCs though, as they're a quick finish and combine my paper crafting that I love as well :)

A couple of baby theme ATCs I made up