Monday, 16 February 2009

Some old and some new....

I can't believe I forgot to blog my Christmas and anniversary cards to my husband! The Christmas card is a little basic, but I was thinking on the hop as I didn't have that long to get it made and out there LOL I do love Paper Nation decoupage stuff though.

For our anniversary card I'd been thinking for a while to use penguins as we were married on 27th December so they seemed fitting :) I had bought these toppers for Chrimbo cards but had then lost them (story of my craft room!). I've gone a bit crazy for corrugated card at the mo too. Hubs and I are pretty much on the same wavelength but even I was surprised when I opened my anniversary card off him and it showed 2 penguins on the front LMAO :)

Onto the new :)
I have made this card as a thankyou to our friends in Germany who helped us out unconditionally over New Year when we visited. It depicts our helpful fairy and elf :)

Then I've got a friend who just loves Winnie the Pooh so when I found this Heffalump from a magazine cover kit I'd forgotten all about, I thought I'd stitch it for her :)

I've been mainly stitching little things for ATCs over the past few days but I intend on doing the lettering on the WTP birth sampler I began for my friend's first born son. It's not something I'm looking forward to and I can tell because I've been putting it off for aaaaaages!!

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Cindy said...

All of your cards are fantastic! I just love them all, great job!!!